I’m so afraid to reach out and talk to you or tell you anything half the time now, because I have no idea if it’s going to upset or annoy you, or if you’ll even respond or be in a mood to talk to me. It feels absolutely horrible.

I don’t know what you want or where your head’s at. I have no idea how to act or what to say or how to say it.

You say we’re still friends, and I really hope that’s true, but it feels like even that’s falling apart. 

I’ve come to terms and accepted everything that’s happened in the last few months. I understand why a romantic relationship won’t work right now. I forgive you completely for everything that’s caused me pain because I know you’re a good person who didn’t mean for things to go like this, and I’m sorry if I ever made you feel guilty or like a bad person for any of it.

All of this I can handle, but for whatever reason I just can’t deal with feeling like I can’t even talk to you anymore. I know I’m more than capable of being just your friend, but if this is how it’s going to feel…


5 comments on “39

  1. Whoever you are… I hope he is worth YOU!

  2. In my experience (or inexperience should I say lol), there will always be a few big red flags, these red flags can eat through relationships after time, and in this BS generation, love simply isn’t enough, it isn’t like the old days I guess so these red flags scare the hell out of me. I hope the red flags you see don’t outweigh the perfection & beauty that maybcome out of the “right” relationship.

    • Giselle says:

      In my situation, the red flag was just bad timing. Sometimes I almost wish it had been a more obvious red flag because it’d be easier to move on from. This one will always have me wondering “what if”

      • Hmm, those ‘what ifs’ are tough. My question is, do you care enough about yourself to save yourself if the ship goes down? I’m sorry to presume the worst, it’s just what I do in order to stay safe from the muck of the world… There are many people who chose to let go of logical reason and completely embrace feelings that have led them down to the depths. That’s always a threat in the ‘what if’ situations.

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