Summer Polaroids Collection: #3

Summer Polaroids Collection: #3

This photo was taken about two and a half weeks ago (the same day as the previous Polaroid photo) at the Piedmont Park in Atlanta. My friend Billy was nice enough to show my friend Corey and I his favorite photo spot in the park, and I must say, he was totally right!

What I love the most about this gem of a photo spot is that it is one of the only places within the park that gives a spectacular view of the lake, as well as a stunning view of the Atlanta skyline :) Unfortunately, the buildings in the background didn’t come out as well as I would have liked, but I still think that the faded, ghost-y effect that developed instead looks pretty cool :)

This was my first time ever at Piedmont Park, and I really hope to go again sometime soon… preferably when it isn’t so unbelievably hot and humid outside :P


Summer Polaroids Collection: #2

Summer Polaroids Collection: #2

This photo was taken at Papi’s Cuban Restaurant in downtown Atlanta right before our delicious Cuban food was served! Since I’ve been super busy with my job and summer class, I haven’t had much of an opportunity to hang out or even see any of my friends from back home.

Thankfully, my friends Billy and Corey were free today, so we all met up for lunch and were able to catch up and relax over our tasty Cuban meals :) I am so glad we all took advantage of having the same free time in our schedules, and I am EXTRA glad I took the much needed break from writing my research paper to indulge in my favorite type of food!

I absolutely love how this photo of Billy and me turned out. My favorite part about it is the wooden Cuba cutout hanging on the wall in the background. None of us realized it was even in the photo until the picture developed all the way!

Note: If you have never had the chance (or really, the pleasure) of eating some authentic Cuban food, I highly recommend it! You won’t even know what you’ve been missing until you do!

Summer Polaroids Collection: #1

Summer Polaroids Collection: #1

This is the first photo out of a collection of 8 summertime photos that I will be blogging about (my post about buying this instant film can be found here).

This photo was taken right before my boyfriend and I parted ways to go back to our respective hometowns for the summer. Unfortunately, this is one of my most unflattering looks ever, but I still think the picture came out kinda cute-ish :P

Thrifting Is Truly Amazing!

I’m not sure if I have mentioned this before, but one of my favorite things to do is to go thrift shopping.


I’m not really sure why I like thrifting so much. I think part of it is that I just really enjoy the thrill of finding something really amazing and unique, with plenty of life left in it, for a really great price! Here are some of the things I’ve found over the years at thrift stores, antique stores, flea markets, Salvation Army, Goodwill, etc. that were seriously incredible finds:

Sometimes I find things that are a bit more on the ordinary side, such as clothes, books, and jewelry, which is fine because I save so much more money buying that item at a thrift store than if I had bought it new somewhere else!

ImageSo now, let me talk a bit about the newest addition to my growing list of thrifty finds from last week!

I spent a good part of Wednesday at multiple thrift stores in search of a cheap wooden table with decent legs on it that could be turned into a desk for my new apartment (which I did eventually find and will be posting about that later on! Stay tuned :P ).

After searching a few places, I ended up at a Goodwill store and, once again, did not find the kind of table I was looking for. Discouraged, I decided to waste a little bit of time looking at some other things that were for sale. Just as I was leaving the store, the most glorious and beautiful leather bag caught my eye, and I knew I had to turn around to get a closer look…

ImageI literally could not believe what I was seeing! I had been eying the vintage Dooney & Bourke “All Weather Leather” Essex purses for quite some time now. I even almost bought one off of eBay this past Christmas, but decided against it because it was too expensive for me at the time (The one I was looking at was $75).

I am so glad that I waited, because I found this bag for only $25! I was a bit wary of its authenticity at first, especially since it was priced way under what I thought it was worth. However, after doing some brief research (thanks a bunch to this website and this blog), I quickly realized that I held a truly authentic bag in my hands! WOW!

Here are some more photos of my bag. I was so impressed to find it in such amazing condition at such a low price point! Gotta love Goodwill :)

ImageAll in all, another successful thrifting excursion! The best thrift days are the ones when you initially set out looking for one thing and you end up finding something totally different and unexpected instead! :) Have you ever had a lucky thrifting experience before?

Sweet Summer At Last!

After weeks of slaving away and completing what seemed like endless amounts of schoolwork, I am proud to say that I’m officially done with my sophomore year of college! YAY!

To celebrate the beginning of what I hope will be the best summer yet, I went ahead and treated myself to something that will help me preserve all of the great memories I will be making.

To be honest, I didn’t even plan on purchasing one of these (especially not after the hardcore online shopping I recently did), but I simply could not help myself from taking advantage of this amazing deal I found sitting in my email inbox last week:


Between the bonus code that The Impossible Project emailed out, along with some extra money that was already sitting in my PayPal account, I managed to buy one of these babies for only $6!

Photo May 06, 7 00 58 PM

That’s right. A brand-spanking-new color film cartridge! FOR ONLY SIX DOLLARS. What an amazing deal! I am so excited to use the film with my long-ignored Polaroid Sun 660 camera and to take some great photos this summer!

To pick up your very own Polaroid film cartridge or to read more about the joys of the art of (analog) instant photography, you can check out The Impossible Project’s webpage here.