Prologue (Part II)

With just a few short weeks of my fourth semester of college left to go, I’ve noticed my focus beginning to wear dangerously thin, and I feel constantly distracted by anything and everything that is not school-related. For example, at the present moment I would probably be better off studying for my test in Economics or working on my presentation for communications class than typing this. Oops.

Thankfully, I am not the kind to let these distractions get too out of hand, but they’re still annoying to deal with, especially with so much left to do before I can head home for summer. Normally, I’m able to control my slipping work ethic, but for whatever reason, this week has been particularly difficult to handle.

You see, when one looks and sees the bright, shining light of summer’s freedom not too far from the end of the outrageously long tunnel of a college semester… well, I can’t really be blamed for my lack of focus on final exams and projects and other various forms of schoolwork which do little more than suck out what’s left of the free time within my schedule, right?

Ah, free time. Sometimes I forget how it used to feel having tons of it just sitting at my feet, waiting for me to take charge and make the most of it.

The messed up part of it all is that as busy as I am from week to week, I don’t feel like I actually do much of anything these days. I mean, I’m doing things all the time, but I’m not really doing anything. I’d much rather be doing a whole lot of something instead; I just don’t know yet what that something should be.

With just a few short weeks of my fourth semester of college left to go, I can’t seem to decide whether I think the glass stands half-empty or half-full.

I only have four semesters of college left. Four semesters left to do some serious soul-searching and try to figure out what exactly it is that I was put on this earth to do. Four semesters left to explore all of the things that I want to learn about and that interest me. Four semesters left until “real life” begins.

I need to make them count.