… Another Will Open.

Confession: I’ve been singing. A lot.

Now I’m not claiming to be great at it by any means, but I’ve been absolutely enjoying singing almost every day for the last month or so. In the shower, on the road, even while I’m walking to my classes, I’ve been singing. I found that not only does it help me alleviate some of the stress I’ve been dealing with, but it has also helped to take my mind off of the recent breakdown of a friendship I thought I’d always have.

And most importantly, singing just makes me feel HAPPY. I’ve been having the most difficult time these last few months trying to keep myself afloat with all the work and responsibilities I have, and it’s so nice to have something to help remove myself from it all. Even if I forget about everything just for a little while, I always come back feeling confident and reassured that the things that trouble me will turn out alright after all.

And now for the part I was not expecting:

Somehow, during all this craziness in my life recently, I managed to make a new friend. We have so much in common, if I tried to elaborate just how similar we are, you’d probably think I’m just making it up as I go. After discovering our mutual loves for Breaking Bad, classical music, snail mail, Miley Cyrus, Italian food (and cooking in general), stuffed animals, bad puns, old-school video games, and other general geekery, naturally we hit it off straight away. And of course, like me, he also enjoys singing (although he is infinitely better at it than I am) and our voices couldn’t fit more perfectly when we sing together.

I really don’t remember the last time I clicked with someone this well. Sometimes, it doesn’t make sense to me how we became friends so quickly, but I suppose it doesn’t need to make sense. It just works somehow. And I’m totally okay with that. I usually go between feeling baffled and amazed at how I even managed to meet him in the first place, while feeling immensely grateful that I did at all.

Even though it was completely by chance that we met and became friends, I still can’t help but wonder if everything really does happen for a specific reason. Or if those silly paper fortunes really can pull through from time to time…


Baby Steps

Since deciding last week to go through with my little experiment, I’ve felt considerably less stressed out :) I haven’t been doing something crazy different every day, but just making the small changes here and there I think are a great first few steps in the right direction!

On Wednesday, I had two classes in the morning and then had a work shift scheduled for the afternoon. It was such a beautiful, warm day that day, and I had some time to kill before having to leave campus for work, so I decided to spend about half an hour lazing around on my university’s horseshoe area.

ImageThere were very few people walking around the horseshoe while I was there, so it made my experience even more peaceful and relaxing. Even though the day turned out to be quite warm, the grass in the shade was nice and cool and perfect to lay down on. Unfortunately, I couldn’t stay for too long, but I hope to make more time this semester for some extensive horseshoe relaxation.

On Thursday, I woke up at 7am and proceeded to spend almost 10 hours on campus doing nothing but classes and studying. After I finally got out of my lab at 6, I changed it up a bit and worked on some homework in a cute little coffee shop called Cool Beans near campus. I absolutely adore this little coffee spot because it is the only one of its kind in Columbia, and the coffee is absolutely delicious! There is also a cafe downstairs that serves breakfast and lunch during the day, and the food there is so great that I have yet to order something from this place that I haven’t completely enjoyed. I used to go to Cool Beans all the time during my freshman year of college but hadn’t really been since, so I figured I may as well go back at least for old time’s sake :P

ImageI was able to get some serious amounts of work done, including some reading for class and making great progress on a t-shirt design I am doing as part of my new PR position. As I was leaving Cool Beans, I was excited to see that they actually stay open until midnight during the weekdays and pretty late on weekends. I love finding new places to study that stay open late (and that aren’t the library), so I will definitely be sure to keep this place in mind for next time!

As for the weekend, I kept it pretty low key. I spent a good deal of the weekend recouping from the long hours at school and work (read: sleeping and generally being lazy), which may not be anything exciting, but it was most definitely what I needed.

I’ll be posting again in a few days so stay tuned :P

(Re)starting Fresh

Today started my second full week of being back in school, and I’m already feeling a little overwhelmed. So far, my 15-20 hour work weeks combined with my 18 credit-hours of classes this semester are starting to make it near impossible to plan anything extra in my spare time, be it some personal quality time or plans with my roommate/boyfriend/other friends, etc. As it is, I’ve already skipped a few of my classes due to pure fatigue from staying up late the night before either studying or working (or both).

The fact that I’m feeling this exhausted and burned out so early on in the semester is definitely something of concern to me. Two weeks in, and I already need another chance to start fresh. Unfortunately, since my classes have already been paid for, dropping a class is not really an option, nor is working less hours at my job… unless, of course, anyone knows of a fairy godmother who magically pays college students’ bills out of the kindness of her sparkly little heart.

fairy godmother

Yep. Didn’t think so.

I am trying to stay optimistic though. Yes, I’m over half way through college. And yes, I’ve only got two more of the “best years of my life” left to experience until I am thrown, full-force, into the real world. But that’s also two more years that I should make the most of and discover new hobbies, make new friends, and go on some great adventures along the way. Why not take advantage of that?

So, I think one of the best ways I can prevent these next few months of school from swallowing me whole involves conducting a bit of a personal experiment on my part:  I am going to try to do one thing different each day that I wouldn’t normally do. It’s not always going to be something big or major, or even that interesting to talk about, but regardless, I want to try to have a minimum of one unique experience each day that I may not have otherwise done.

I’ve reached a point in my life where even though I should know what I want, I still have not a clue what to do with either myself or my life at all. I’m trying to figure it all out as soon as I can, but it’s harder than I thought it would be. In the meantime, I’m open to exploring all sorts of different things while I still have some extra time to spare. I think this “experiment” will help me find some new loves of people, places, and interests, while also helping to make sure this semester doesn’t quickly become a monotonous cycle of school, work, studying, more school, more work, and more studying.

I have faith that this is going to be a good year. :)

Sweet Summer At Last!

After weeks of slaving away and completing what seemed like endless amounts of schoolwork, I am proud to say that I’m officially done with my sophomore year of college! YAY!

To celebrate the beginning of what I hope will be the best summer yet, I went ahead and treated myself to something that will help me preserve all of the great memories I will be making.

To be honest, I didn’t even plan on purchasing one of these (especially not after the hardcore online shopping I recently did), but I simply could not help myself from taking advantage of this amazing deal I found sitting in my email inbox last week:


Between the bonus code that The Impossible Project emailed out, along with some extra money that was already sitting in my PayPal account, I managed to buy one of these babies for only $6!

Photo May 06, 7 00 58 PM

That’s right. A brand-spanking-new color film cartridge! FOR ONLY SIX DOLLARS. What an amazing deal! I am so excited to use the film with my long-ignored Polaroid Sun 660 camera and to take some great photos this summer!

To pick up your very own Polaroid film cartridge or to read more about the joys of the art of (analog) instant photography, you can check out The Impossible Project’s webpage here.

Prologue (Part II)

With just a few short weeks of my fourth semester of college left to go, I’ve noticed my focus beginning to wear dangerously thin, and I feel constantly distracted by anything and everything that is not school-related. For example, at the present moment I would probably be better off studying for my test in Economics or working on my presentation for communications class than typing this. Oops.

Thankfully, I am not the kind to let these distractions get too out of hand, but they’re still annoying to deal with, especially with so much left to do before I can head home for summer. Normally, I’m able to control my slipping work ethic, but for whatever reason, this week has been particularly difficult to handle.

You see, when one looks and sees the bright, shining light of summer’s freedom not too far from the end of the outrageously long tunnel of a college semester… well, I can’t really be blamed for my lack of focus on final exams and projects and other various forms of schoolwork which do little more than suck out what’s left of the free time within my schedule, right?

Ah, free time. Sometimes I forget how it used to feel having tons of it just sitting at my feet, waiting for me to take charge and make the most of it.

The messed up part of it all is that as busy as I am from week to week, I don’t feel like I actually do much of anything these days. I mean, I’m doing things all the time, but I’m not really doing anything. I’d much rather be doing a whole lot of something instead; I just don’t know yet what that something should be.

With just a few short weeks of my fourth semester of college left to go, I can’t seem to decide whether I think the glass stands half-empty or half-full.

I only have four semesters of college left. Four semesters left to do some serious soul-searching and try to figure out what exactly it is that I was put on this earth to do. Four semesters left to explore all of the things that I want to learn about and that interest me. Four semesters left until “real life” begins.

I need to make them count.