Sweet Summer At Last!

After weeks of slaving away and completing what seemed like endless amounts of schoolwork, I am proud to say that I’m officially done with my sophomore year of college! YAY!

To celebrate the beginning of what I hope will be the best summer yet, I went ahead and treated myself to something that will help me preserve all of the great memories I will be making.

To be honest, I didn’t even plan on purchasing one of these (especially not after the hardcore online shopping I recently did), but I simply could not help myself from taking advantage of this amazing deal I found sitting in my email inbox last week:


Between the bonus code that The Impossible Project emailed out, along with some extra money that was already sitting in my PayPal account, I managed to buy one of these babies for only $6!

Photo May 06, 7 00 58 PM

That’s right. A brand-spanking-new color film cartridge! FOR ONLY SIX DOLLARS. What an amazing deal! I am so excited to use the film with my long-ignored Polaroid Sun 660 camera and to take some great photos this summer!

To pick up your very own Polaroid film cartridge or to read more about the joys of the art of (analog) instant photography, you can check out The Impossible Project’s webpage here.